“IntraTeam Event is a great way to share the best practices, and to hear about the work that has been done around the world. I can’t think of a better environment and a nicer group of people than I found at IntraTeam Event.”

– Brad Whitworth, Cisco

”Great conference, well worth the trip. Love the atmosphere.”

– Ulrika Leijon Åhl, Norrbottens låns landsting

”I would definitely recommend everyone to go to IntraTeam Event Copenhagen. It is one of  the hottest events in Europe where you can find out what all the people are doing in their intranet spaces, how internet communication are changing. My favorite part at IntraTeam Event is the networking, it is absolutely brilliant, you get to meet fantastic people.”

– Luis Suarez

”IntraTeam conference, is one of the friendliest conference, you get the sense of a community, and I like the fact that there is a lot of tradition, a lot of familiar faces, and there are always new speakers – so always something new to learn.”

– Sam Marshall, ClearBox Consulting

”It’s been absolutely amazing, I had fun and have seen very interesting things, and made connections I would never had done if I wasn’t here.”

– Shaula Zanchi, Robin Partington & Partners

 ”A great opportunity to get up to speed and network.”

– Kimmie Bennetz, Red Barnet

 ”I am really glad I am here, and everything is so great, starting with the speakers and the programme. And there are so many people who are addicted to their project, and have a really good experience.”

– Hubert Turaj, Edisonda

”The event is so exciting because it connects people who are working on similar challenge together.”

– Jacob Budd, Starmind International

”This is my third time at the IntraTeam Event Copenhagen and it’s always a wonderful experience.”

– Wedge Black, Kilobox Communiqué