Nicola Band

Nicola Band

Sei Mani

A seasoned Collaboration Practitioner with Sei Mani. Passionate about community building and transforming the way organisations work. Nicola began her journey with Sky UK where she selected, implemented and community managed Europe’s largest Salesforce Chatter instance, growing it to 30,000 users and over 80% adoption. Nicola has since taken her talents to AstraZeneca driving Chatter adoption from 6,000 to 27,000 active users inside 9 months.


Is Collaboration all about IT or does it need a little loving care?

Room: Iceland

Highly engaged employees are quickly becoming a company’s greatest asset. Find out how large, diverse companies like Sky UK and AstraZeneca are leveraging collaboration technology to create thriving employee communities, saving time, effort and cold hard cash along the way. Learn the hazards of deploy and run and how a little nurturing makes all the difference… […]

Adoption & Change Management Collaboration Executive

Round Tables

Room: Sweden

During this block, all participants will be able to talk with each other at small round tables about different topics of their interest. Table 1 : How to steal a better intranet It’s of great value to seek real practice inspiration for ongoing improvements  and radical changes of your intranet. In this session we will practice […]

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