Jonathan Phillips

Jonathan Phillips

Founder - ClarityDW, Co-Founder - Intranetizen

Jonathan Phillips is an independent digital strategy consultant, focusing on communication, collaboration and workplace technologies. With 20 years blue chip experience in intranet, internet, social media, social enterprise and other digital communication technologies, he is a regular keynote speaker, contributor to the digital community and a recognised global expert on intranet technologies. He is a communication advisor to UK government and the University of Bristol, Chair and non-exec Director of two charities.

Less is More – Make Your Mobile Experience Really Work

Room: Iceland

A mobile audience has different needs to a desktop audience so simply ‘copying and pasting’ a desktop intranet to a mobile device won’t work. Jonathan Phillips will talk about how  successful mobile intranet experiences will ‘filter’ content and functionality to create a UX that makes sense on a mobile. Key takeaways: – Understand how your […]


Measure with Intent

Room: Denmark

“There are lies, damn lies and statistics” said British PM Benjamin Disraeli”. Had he been alive, he’d have had a healthy mis-trust of intranet measurement too! In his session, Jonathan will look at the importance of measuring true outcomes, not outputs and how measure with intent. Key takeaways: – The difference between an output and an […]

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