John Scott

John Scott

UX Director / Production Director - Content Formula

John is UX Director at Content Formula, a digital workplace consultancy specialising in intranets, Office 365 and SharePoint. He has been working on intranets for the last 16 years. His work has covered both UX and technical roles which helps him bridge the gap between UX and technology. John is a great believer in user research and has developed a methodology to gather user input and translate these into coherent intranet strategy and requirements. John has worked on a multitude of intranet projects across many

Using Video to Inform, Engage and Entertain

Room: Finland

10 years ago we were told that video would change the intranet – It didn’t. What went wrong and how might things change in the future? In this session we will explore the following: – Why isn’t video more popular on intranets? – What makes good video content – Technical considerations – Video on a […]

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