Jesper Lauridsen

Jesper Lauridsen

Senior IT Architect, Digital Solutions - COWI

I am an experienced digital solution architect, well versed in all aspects of digital technology, transformation and software design / implementation. With strategic thinking in mind – and a combined knowledge of business challenges, processes, technologies and user experience – I take the craziest and vaguest of ideas and carefully craft them into actual solutions. Quickly and in an agile fashion. I do the business case as well and present it to the board.

My goal is to demonstrate effectively how digital solutions can have a huge potential to catalyze top line growth by supporting the business strategy, new revenue streams and by enabling smart, creative and innovative employees realize their full potential.

The Mobile Intranet in COWI

Room: Iceland

Key takeaways: – How to develop your own mobile Intranet app? – What are the three main choices to make? – The live demo.