Henrik Sunnefeldt

Programme Manager Enterprise Search - SKF

With a background in business development and innovation management I was introduced into the area of Enterprise Search in 2006 – as part of a corporate Knowledge Management initiative in SKF. I have been working ever since, on the business side, with questions related to making our Enterprise Search investment pay off.

In large, I am today program manager of Enterprise Search and responsible for the overall roadmap and business case creation, ongoing KPI fulfillment, project management and operational search precision of our internal Enterprise Search function and sitesearch on the corporate website.

Capitalising on Enterprise Search – From Strategy to Analytics

Room: Finland

This session gives a hands-on view how SKF as company approaches Enterprise Search to maximize return on investment. It starts from a defined strategy, via KPIs, all the way to concrete metrics and way of measuring them with real-life examples. Key takeaways: – How to approach Enterprise Search: Think find not search, think program not […]