Den Carter

Den Carter

Internal Communications Manager - Virgin Trains

Internal Communications Manager – Virgin Trains

Changing to Yammer – Employee Engagement and Improved Collaboration and Leadership

Room: Iceland

While many organisations focus on digital channels for improved employee communication, Virgin Trains’ focus is on conversational leadership and face-to-face. Their internal communications and employee engagement strategy focuses on equipping leaders with the skills they need to collaborate effectively, primarily face-to-face with their teams. But with a dispersed workforce focussed on real life conversations, it’s […]

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Round Tables

Room: Sweden

During this block, all participants will be able to talk with each other at small round tables about different topics of their interest. Table 1 : How to steal a better intranet It’s of great value to seek real practice inspiration for ongoing improvements  and radical changes of your intranet. In this session we will practice […]

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