Dan Florescu

Dan Florescu

Global Intranet Manager - ING

Dan is the product owner of ING’s global One Intranet platform, the company’s single intranet portal for communication and collaboration. He has been involved in a 3-year change management process of replacing 100+ intranet portals with one role based, personalised and social intranet built on SharePoint 2013 and Sitrion technology. This consisted of among others building a business case, ensure stakeholder support, securing funding, designing the information architecture, concept and look&feel as well as playing key role in building and running the intranet.

Previously he was the business lead for setting up ING’s social collaboration platform, enterprise search engine and intranet analytics platforms.

How to Build One Intranet

Room: Denmark

This session will tell the story of how ING built a role based and personalised global intranet for 52.000 employees in a multi-stakeholder, multi-vendor, onsite/offshore model using the Agile/Scrum methodology.

Adoption & Change Management Executive Internal Communication