Anette Wittenberg

Anette Wittenberg

Intranet Consultant - IntraTeam

Anette Wittenberg has been employed at IntraTeam since 2007 as intranet consultant coming from a position as intranet manager. Her main task is to facilitate community of practice groups on intranet, internal communication and change management. She is involved in intranet benchmarking and likes to give good advice on how to develop and improve intranets. Every year, she finds great excitement in managing the process of finding the winner of the IntranetPrize – to be disclosed at IntraTeam Event on 1 March.

IntranetPrize 2017

Room: Denmark

The prize is awarded by IntraTeam to an organization having demonstrated an exceptional effort to acquire or develop an effective and highly used intranet/digital workplace adding significant value.

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