Intranet Directions: Formulating Your Intranet Strategy – Part 1 of 2

Room: Oslo

Steve Bynghall and Chris Tubb will run a shortened version of their intranet strategy training day.  Using a workbook, Steve and Chris will take you through a  highly practical five step process for defining and articulating an intranet strategy which you will be able to apply to your organization on your return to the office. This will include case studies.

The session will cover:

– Introduction to strategy,

– Discovery,

– Diagnosis,

– Guiding Policy,

– Direction,

– Tactics and creating a roadmap.

Key takeaways:

– Understanding the steps required to define, articulate and plan an intranet strategy,

– A workbook with examples, trigger lists and tools to help teams get thinking,

– A methodology to adapt to the needs of your organization to get you and your team into the habit of developing strategy.


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